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About Us

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Our pets are always there to comfort us when it seems the rest of the world may not care. They always give you unconditional love whatever your mood. After a hard day at work, it’s one of the best feelings in the world to see their smiling faces when you step in the door.



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We are a bunch of enthusiastic Cat and Dog owners that want our passion for our pets to reflect in this website. We are not vets or animal professionals but what we hope we provide is the best value products in the US at realistic prices.

Anything that does not come up to our rigorous standards is not stocked on this site. We take your comments and purchasing seriously and if there are problems with any item we will investigate and take action to fix that issue.

We use local trusted US suppliers where ever possible to get the product to your door as soon as we can.

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Currently, we are monitoring the safety of our suppliers to ensure that your deliveries are safely handled, packaged and delivered using the best safe medical practices to stop this pandemic.

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     Team Catz and Dogz

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