De-sexing Cats

I know it’s not easy owning animals sometimes but they really are worth it for the love and companionship they show.

My boy Redo

We inherited a little male cat from my son when he moved into a relationship with a dog lover. Redo was the little guys name (my son decided on that one) and testicles intact he started exploring the new surroundings we had imposed on him. It soon became apparent that Redo was a whoring, brawling type of guy and would turn up every morning looking for food with scars all over his head and back. Now, straight away we guessed that those little jewels he still carried were the problem so they had to go. Fortunately for us the local vet had a discount program so we got his jewellery removed for 20% off. This discount was an incentive by the local council to have cats de-sexed before the population exploded.

So rolling on a few months little Redo is not so little because he tends to lay around a lot more than he used to when he was looking for fights or sex. Of course he has had the odd return visit to the vet for check-ups and an injury or two but the price we pay for having him around is well worth the effort. He is a very affectionate cat and comes in regularly for ‘cuddles’ with the humans. Not sure if the dribbles and clawed necks are something I always look forward to but it’s nice to be loved.

Of course this all raises good points about the de-sexing program. In my back yard ‘feral’ cats are a real problem for the wildlife. They put the local wildlife population under strain and can cause many issues with the spread of diseases. Cats are natural hunters by genetic disposition so they can devastate the small native animal populations very quickly. And once they have ‘a taste for the kill’ it becomes a habit not easily broken. There have been instances of  intact (reproductive organs still attached) house cats bringing back many dozens of local animals to display the nights hunt. Unwanted litters can also be a hazard to health for humans when they start looking for food each day.


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