30″ Configurable Folding Free Standing Wood Pet Safety Fence


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This incredible extension kits which is fashioned with a revolutionary hinge provides truly limitless configurable variations for containing your pet.


Increase the length and span of your 4 panel dog fence with the 2 paneled extension kit. These kits are offered with or without a door. The kits can stand alone as a barrier for a standard sized doorway or be easily attached to your current dog fence to allow for an even greater number of configurations and a larger play pen. When used in conjunction with the dog fence you can also transform your 4 panel fence into a 6 panel room divider which safely spans openings up to 121 inches wide.


It can create a safe place for your pets. Don’t hesitate to buy it!


  • Extension kits with revolutionary hinge allow endless containment possibilities
  • Variations with your 360° gate also include large pen and custom configurations
  • Extensions may also be used individually to cover openings up to 41 inches wide
  • Folds down to store in seconds lightweight for ease of use
  • Rubber pads prevent floors from scratching

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